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Ultimate ’80s Giveaway

What You’ll Get:

Beetlejuice Shirt (Adult Medium)

Camp Crystal Lake- Friday the 13th Shirt (Adult Medium)

Back to the Future (VHS)

The Outsiders (DVD)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (DVD)

Dirty Dancing (DVD)

Beetlejuice (DVD)

One Crazy Summer (DVD)

Pretty in Pink: The Golden Age of Teenage Movies (Book)

Hot Wheels Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Car

4 Pins: Freddy, Lost Boys, Gremlins, and Friday the 13th


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Lorelai:This baby has not made a peep.
Luke:But it will, at the worst possible moment.
Lorelai:Like when you're diffusing a bomb?
Sookie:Ooh, that would be awkward.
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butwhataboutobama said: You’re Next Short Term 12 Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

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i’ve reached the awkward age where i’m too young to think about the future concretely and too old to think about it abstractly.

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i found some selfies that are just too good not to post

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texas is fucked

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i’m watching daredevil and evanescence is playing and i’m really upset because i remember all the lyrics

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North Carolina’s Senate just passed a bill that closes all abortion clinics in NC except one, and disallows the use of “Islamic law” in family matters like divorce, alimony or child support.

The governor won’t sign it if it’s passed, but it looks like they have enough signatures to override his veto.

Well fuck.

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"I’ll be comin’ around the mountain when I come
I’ll be comin’ around the mountain when I come
I’ll be blowin’ your fuckin’ head off
I’ll be blowin’ your fuckin’ head off
I’ll be whackin’ your fuckin’ mind out when I come"
Mr. Grocer
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SB5 is dead and I think I shaved 10 years off my life expectancy in 3 hours.

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